Middle School Promotion Points Program 

Issue: Many of our Middle School students are moving into High School unprepared for upper level class work because they have not mastered Middle School content expectations 

Hudson Middle School Has: Established a Middle School Promotion Points Program that will establish criteria for: 

  1. Students moving on to the next grade level
  2. Students needing to attend Summer School to fill in the missing gaps of information in order to earn their way to the next grade level
  3. Establishing of a method to determine whether retention is the right intervention for a student or not. 
  • Each core class will be worth 1 point per trimester (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Each elective class will be worth .5 points per trimester (Band, P.E., E2020, Study Skills, Foreign Language, Advanced Science)
  • A total of 5 points can be earned by each student per trimester
  • A total of 15 points can be earned by each student per year

  • 12-15 points earned = promotion to the next grade

Exception- A student fails a core class all 3 trimesters (Summer School would be necessary at this point) 

  • 6-11.5 points earned- Summer School for each core class failed 2 or more times during the school year
  • 0-5.5 points earned- Summer School or retention based on the following events and criteria:

-End of trimester retention meetings with Principal, Counselor, Instructors and Parent (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester) 

  1. District and State Assessment results
  2. Grades
  3. Age
  4. Social and Emotional Functioning
  5. Progress in achieving IEP goals and objectives (if applicable)
  6. Teacher Recommendations
  7. Parent Recommendations

-The body of evidence shall be reviewed by a committee consisting of an administrator, counselor, instructors, including any staff members making the retention recommendation and parents. For special education students, the case manager shall be a member of the review committee 

- Retaining a student will be the decision of the Principal based upon the recommendation of the review committee. Parents will be involved and informed of the decision. Parents have the right to appeal the decision and meet with the Principal with their concerns. Further appeals shall be heard by a board sub-committee.