Hudson Area Middle/High School
Standards Based Education

Ø      The curriculum at Hudson Area Middle and High School is aligned to the Michigan Standards, Benchmarks and Content Expectations

Ø      Grades are based on student mastery of the content expectations. 

Ø      Each student will be measured against the content expectations, not other students. 

Ø      Summative Assessments are assessments at the end of a period of instruction that measure what students learned based on the content expectations. 

-         Summative Assessments make up 90-100% of a student’s grade
-         Examples of types of summative assessments include but are not limited to:

Summative Quizzes
Performance Assessments
Final Drafts

Ø      Formative Assessments are assessments to check for learning and understanding of the content expectations. These happen during the period of instruction leading up to the summative assessment. 

-         Formative Assessments are worth 0-10% of a student’s grade. These assignments should be an assessment for learning and therefore do not carry as much weight in terms of a student’s grade.

-         Examples of types of formative assessments include but are not limited to:

Homework Assignments
In class assignments
Group Work
Initial Drafts/Attempts
Questions during instruction
Teacher to student feedback on assignments

Ø      Learning Goals for each unit related to the content expectations are visible in the classroom and referred to daily. 

Ø      Students may re-take summative assessments in order to master content expectations. They may do so as many times as they like as long as they: 

1.      Do corrective work assigned by the teacher before they re-take the assessment.

2.      They must take advantage of the first re-take opportunity given by the teacher in order to get additional re-take opportunities. 

-         The highest grade will be recorded for that particular summative assessment. 

Ø      No extra credit will be offered. The goal is mastery of the content expectations. 

Ø      The content expectations are the constant; Time and interventions are the variables. All children can learn. The time it takes to understand a concept and the way they learn a concept vary. Differentiation of instruction will provide all students with the necessary opportunities to show mastery of the content expectations 

Our goal is to have all students college and work-place ready. Standards based education is a student centered approach in which students take control of their education.