TRANSPORTATION NEWS for the 2016/2017 School Year
Representatives from the Transportation Dept. will be available at Lincoln Elementary during the open house on August 30th for kindergartners and at Lincoln Elementary on August 31st for Lincoln and MS/HS students.  Please call or visit us in the Transportation Office, and we will be happy to work with you on times and stops.
Hudson Area Schools will allow only one AM stop and one PM stop per student.
Hudson Schools will not be able to grant permission for students that want to ride a bus home with a friend for a visit, birthday party, or other non-emergency reason. This will be for all High School, Middle School and Elementary Students.  We ask that parents make their own transportation arrangements for their children that want to go home with a friend.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate parents who, for emergency reasons, need special transportation. 
Buses will generally leave the bus garage between 6:15 and 6:25 a.m. and arrive
at the school buildings about five minutes prior to school opening.  Please be ready in the morning at least 5 minutes before your scheduled stop time. If your student is waiting in a car, please have the child get out of the car when the bus is approaching and ready to board when the bus stops.
Hudson In-town stops for ALL K thru 12 students will be at:
Sunrise subdivision off of Munson Highway
Wesleyan Church on Hill Street
Corner of Wilcox & McClellan
Lincoln Street (just west of McClellan)
Oak & Lafayette (by Carmel’s Daycare)
S. Maple Grove just south of Main Street
Seward & Howard Streets
Mechanic & Market Streets
Wood & School Streets
Railroad & Lane Streets
Tiger Drive & Gregory Streets
Fayette & Market Streets
Church & Lafayette Streets
Church & Maple Streets
Market & Summit Streets
Pleasant & Oak Streets
Pleasant & Aldrich Streets
Washington Street & Cobb Streets
Division Street between Oak & Grove
Division Street just west of Church Street
Clayton Stops will be at the Clayton Bible Church for students south of Railroad and east of State St., at the Clayton Post Office for students north of Railroad and east of State St., N. Pearl St. and West St., and at West St. between Center and Railroad for students west of State St.
Out of District Stops:
Addison Bank
St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Manitou Road
Koltz’s Corner
Pittsford Feed Mill
M-99 Diner/Gas Station
Waldron Wesleyan Church on Center & East Streets
Bus Rules: Please go over the bus rules & consequences with your child.  Stop in the transportation office or visit the Hudson Area Schools website for a copy of the rules.
1st:      Written warning/ written notice to parents
2nd:     1 day BUS suspension / written notice to parents & conference
3rd:      3 day BUS suspension/ written notice to parents & conference
4th      5 day BUS suspension/ written notice to parents & conference
5th:      10 day BUS suspension/ written notice to parents & Conference with bus, supervisor, driver & parents.
Bus service is a privilege and maybe revoked by administration at any time.