Section II - Current Operating Expenditures

Like any organization, the Hudson Area School District has a variety of expenditures including utilities, fuel for buses, technology, facility maintenance, insurance, personnel, and office supplies.  Schools also pay for classroom supplies, specialized services for students with special needs, and many other instruction-related items.  Public schools, like many other government entities, have elected boards that control the expenditure (and receipt) of school funds.  The school board members carry out educational obligations at the local level, and they have the ultimate responsibility for school operations.  For consistency across fiscal years and between districts, public school districts are required to follow the common chart of accounts defined in Michigan's Public School Accounting Manual.

Classroom Instruction: $5,687,138.00  
Pupil and   Instructional Staff Support: $290,501.00  
Business and   Administration: $1,065,619.00  
Transportation:     $427,066.00  
Other Obligations:     $1,511,931.00  
Operations, Maintenance and Facilities: $772,042.00  
1 Operating Expendatures 2013 -2014