Remote Learning Update

*Updated 2/24

As a reminder, we have a scheduled a ½ day of school for Friday, February 26th (Teacher COVID Workday). We also have a ½ day scheduled for Friday, March 5th (Teacher Professional Development).

Below is our COVID data for today, February 24, 2021:

Positive Cases

0 - Elementary Teachers

0 - Elementary Support Staff

0 - Elementary Students

0 - MS/JR SR High School Teacher

0 - MS/JR SR High Support Staff

0 - MS/JR SR High Students

0 - Other Support Staff


0 - Elementary Teachers

0 - Elementary Support Staff

0 - Elementary Classrooms

3 - Elementary Students

1 - MS/JR SR High School Teacher

0 - MS/JR SR High Support Staff

4 - MS/JR SR High Students

0 - MS/JR SR High Classrooms

2 - Other Support Staff

Updated coronavirus numbers for the district are updated daily and can be seen at our district web site ( )

As you may know, the vaccination for Coronavirus is now available. Counties have priority lists that they are using to determine who receives the limited vaccinations they receive each week. At this time, the health department is providing vaccinations for those 65 and older, healthcare workers, EMS, educators, childcare providers, first responders, correction workers homeless shelter workers, and protective service workers. Individuals can complete a vaccination interest form at the Lenawee Health Department ( ). When the vaccination is available for your priority group, you will be notified, and you will be able to schedule a vaccination.

Each Friday we are sending out a Coronavirus update by email to all school families that have an updated email listed with the district. You will receive an immediate message from the district if we are moving to or returning from remote learning or if there is some other important issue related to Coronavirus. If a student needs to be quarantined, you will receive a message from your students building.

Thank you for continuing to use our student health screening checklist ( ) and for not sending students to school when they are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms. Our goal is to have in-person school as often as we are able to do so. We are pleased that our number of quarantines and those testing negative are improving. We hope to do everything possible to continue this trend. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Michael J. Osborne, Superintendent

Hudson Area Schools

517-448-8912 (Office)

517-673-4519 (Mobile)

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