Hudson MS & JR/SR HS

Michael Beard, Principal
Hudson Middle School
& Jr/Sr High School
517.448.8912 x235

Welcome to Hudson Middle & Jr/Sr High School!

Just like tigers in the wild, the individuals of our community each possess his/ her own strengths and talents, but collectively, we become a formidable streak who takes pride in what we accomplish together. At Hudson Middle School and Junior/ Senior High School, we strive for a safe learning environment - emotionally, physically, and socially - as well as one where students and staff are supported through mistakes, encouraged to reflect, and praised for growth and successes. We believe in our students... we believe in our staff... we believe in Tiger Nation!

Daily Schedule

7:40 Beginning of School Day
11:26-11:54 Sr High Lunch
11:54-12:22 MS Lunch
12:22-12:50 Jr High Lunch
2:42 End of School Day