Hudson Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductees 2012-2019


Hall of Fame Award Program

Purpose:  The purpose of Hudson Area School District's Hall of Fame Awards Program is to recognize and honor those alumni, employees, and major contributors that have distinguished themselves for their contributions in scholarships, athletics, activities, career, community service, or society as a whole. The permanent honor of being inducted into the Hudson Area School District's Hall of Fame can only be bestowed on those individuals whose actions exemplify the District's vision and mission statements and who are capable of serving as role models for current Hudson students.

Governance:  Hudson Area School District's Hall of Fame Awards Program shall be governed by a Hudson Area Schools Hall of Fame Organizational Committee in cooperation with the Hudson Area Schools Board of Education and Administration. This committee shall be comprised of a minimum of six (6) individuals - a quorum to conduct business is four members present. The Hall of Fame Organizational Committee will select officers annually and may use past officers for advice. The Hall of Fame Organizational Committee shall form sub-committees as needed (e.g. Awards Committee, Selection Committee, Program Committee, Fundraising Committee, etc.).

Each year, after the inaugural event, a maximum of two (2) individuals (a team counts as one individual) will be selected for induction.
All alumni and teams must wait (10) years after graduation from Hudson Area Schools to be nominated. Current employees (e.g. administrators, faculty, staff, coaches) are not eligible for induction.
The nominee’s contribution(s) and/or record(s) must be so outstanding that there is no question as to his/her/their qualifying for the Hall of Fame.
Nominees must have demonstrated good citizenship in school and after leaving school.
Voting on all Hall of Fame matters will be by a vote of the majority plus one member. Committee members can vote in absentia if done in writing.
The induction ceremony will take place once a year at the annual alumni banquet.
Nominations may be presented on behalf of a candidate who is deceased.
If a nominee is not selected, his/her/their nomination will be retained and will automatically be reconsidered for a time period of three (3) years. If a nominee isn’t selected within that three (3) year period of time, they will be removed from the list – in order to be considered after that time, they would need to be nominated again.
The Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold induction or to remove someone already inducted because of/due to conviction of a felony.
Decisions in selection inductees will be made by weighing the importance of contributions made (e.g. global vs. national vs. state vs. local)
Anyone may obtain a nomination application from the District’s Central Office or online and submit it for consideration by April 1st of each year to the Hudson Area School District's Hall of Fame Organizational Committee.

Hudson Area School District's Hall of Fame Organizational Committee
President – (Co-Chairpersons) Dave Rickard & LeeAnn Minton
Secretary/Treasurer – To be determined
Superintendent – Mike Osborne
Alt High School Principal – Lance Horwath
Former Staff -Dave Sheely
Alumni –Hazel Monahan, Janet Fisher, Angie Monahan, Sabin Enerson, Nancy Jenkins, Denise Handy