Dr. Michael Osborne, Superintendent
Hudson Area Schools
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At Hudson Area Schools we understand how much you love your children and how important they are to our future! That is why we cherish so deeply our partnership with our parents and with our communities. Our role in this partnership is to create a safe and nurturing environment where we prepare students academically, prepare them for higher education, training and the world of work; and, prepare them to be good citizens.

We understand that every student comes to us with unique gifts, abilities and interests. It is our hope to focus on each individual child and to guide them to a fulfilling life that positively impacts the world around us. We appreciate our small town atmosphere, community values and work ethic. These qualities are what have led to the success of so many of our alumni serving and leading around the world.

Hudson Area Schools has seen a great deal of success and achievement the past several years. Our enrollment has grown over 15 percent the past 5 years. We are implementing the Leader In Me program in the elementary. We have seen academic success at every level of the district. We have a strong emphasis in the areas of STEM, the arts, leadership and physical health. And, we continue our long history of success athletically.

We value the opportunity we have, as educators, to partner with our families and to serve in our communities. We want our children, their families and our communities to be confident in their future. As your school district, Hudson Area Schools is your partner on your child’s path to success!

Hudson Area Schools: Where student success is our priority!

~ Dr. Michael Osborne, Superintendent